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Arjen Keesmaat

Screenshot from the performance at DEAF03, 1 March 2003:
Eric Redlinger and Lodewijk Loos

SP Practice

Please note that this site is no longer maintained. The information was last edited in January 2006. The Sensing Presence Program, and its research section, are no longer functional. This being said, there is still a lot to be found here that can be of use, so it is kept as an archive for those interested.

Sensing Presence Research explores distributed performance practice; performativity, both formal (performance structures) and informal (social interaction) that is mediated in some way by the sharing and processing of digital data. Admittedly, this is a very broad field due to the growing pervasiveness of digital technologies in everyday social interaction. Our focus narrows as we examine the motivations for and experience of, translocal collaborative, real time composition and methods of improvisation.
In January 2000, Niels Bogaards and Sher Doruff, developers at Waag Society, participated in the first HotWiredLiveArt workshop hosted by Motherboard (Per Platou and Amanda Steggel) at bek in Bergen, Norway. An alpha version of KeyWorx. then called KeyStroke, was introduced at that workshop. In 2000, it was a unique application that enabled real time multi-user, multimedia processing over the Internet in a shared ‘patcher’ interface. Since that time, many experiments, installations, interventions and performances have been initiated by artists using KeyWorx and the other modular technologies such as Max/MSP/Jitter, pd, Supercollider, nato, etc., that utilize Internet protocols, Midi, OSC, SMS, etc, to interconnect and synchronously process media and raw data. (see: History)

In 2003, Waag Society established the two-year Connected program, with a grant from the Dutch Ministries of Foreign and Cultural Affairs, to facilitate interdisciplinary artists involved with performance research. Through an Artist-in-Residence program, commissioned projects and Anatomic, a weekly assemblage of young new media and performance artists hosted by Waag Society from 2003-2004, and collaborations with partner organizations, a growing body of related work has evolved.

SP Recipes

Here are some very practical recipes for DIY streaming video and audio, written by the experts of Waag Society. You can download these as pdf:

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