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SP Theory

Please note that this site is no longer maintained. The information was last edited in January 2006. The Sensing Presence Program, and its research section, are no longer functional. This being said, there is still a lot to be found here that can be of use, so it is kept as an archive for those interested.

The research in Waag Society’s Sensing Presence program explores the nature of Process. Process Theory and Processual Practice. It transparently references what might be called the Emergence Paradigm as a methodological backbone to fresh approaches to collaborative composition in new media and Live Arts performance. The research cited here reflects investigations into performative expressions of collective individuation. It explores the conditions of networks and networking as catalytic to intuitive processes of shared, creative engagement.

In a contiguous enfolding/unfolding of improvised composition, there is an emphasis on the dynamic relations between things. These relations are the in-itself of change, of transformation. Process. Event fields of potential, open to contingencies that further the questioning of contemporary theoretical and practice-based issues in new media arts practice. These issues probe the ontogenesis of the embodied experience of creative process. They encompass the malleability of the digital artifact and its transductive code. They focus on the incipient affective experience engendered through creating analog/digital compositions collaboratively; of the temporal processes and reflexive situatedness of dynamic (ex)change; of the experience of the ”event” and the movement of making.

The artists and theorists who contribute work to this site and who are referenced here are busy with the exploration of co-operative making; its impulse, its product, its ramifications.

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